Emergent Technology in D-cinema and UHD/4K

High Dynamic Range, Wide Colour Gamut, and ACES 1.0

A Seminar with Charles Poynton

hosted by SKYLAB HQ/Screen Dragon, Vancouver, BC

Tue Feb 23, 10:00 – 17:00

Three important emerging technologies touch acquisition, post production/DI (especially colour grading), studio display, mastering, and distribution for cinema and UHD/4K: high dynamic range (HDR), wide colour gamut (WCG), and ACES 1.0. We’ll address these topics by outlining the theory of psychophysics and colour appearance, then applying that theory to high-quality cinema and video from production through consumer display. We’ll outline the theory of “picture rendering” that adapts image data to varying scene, display, and viewing characteristics. We’ll describe the commercially important colour spaces in cinema and film, and discuss the transforms among them. We’ll describe the need for colorimetric transforms (for example, to place BT.709 or DCI P3 material into a BT.2020 container), and we’ll discuss colour gamut mapping that is necessary to adapt wide-gamut material to a conventional-gamut display. We’ll discuss system-level issues: OECF/OETF, EOCF/EOTF, their inverses, and OOTF (also known as rendering transform, or RRT).

Building on these concepts, we’ll then discuss specifics of our three important new technologies: HDR, WCG, and ACES. We’ll explain the ACES block diagram and its various transforms. We’ll outline open standard and proprietary proposals for HDR, and discuss the SMPTE ST 2084 perceptual quantizer (PQ) and the BBC/NHK hybrid log/gamma (HLG) transfer functions that have been proposed. We’ll discuss several emergent coilourspaces including ACES AP0, ACES AP1, and BT.2020. We’ll discuss accompanying image data with tone- and colour-mapping metadata that allows a consumer receiver to adapt the image data to diverse luminance and colour capabilities.

The fields of digital cinema and UHD are rapidly evolving in technology, business, and standards arenas. Expect discussion of last-minute developments.

The seminar will be suitable for cinematographers, colorists, digital intermediate and post-production technical staff, VFX craftspeople and programmers, mastering/distribution engineers, and consumer electronics (CE) television experts.

Registration: CAD 450.

Contact Charles Poynton, charles@poynton.ca, +1 416 535 7187